DGNSS Veripos LD7

Veripos LD7 provides multi-frequency GNSS capability together with GNSS Heading, L-Band positioning and wireless communications within a rugged housing for the broadest range of applications. Veripos LD7 is the new generation which can receive data from many different position system such as GPS, GLONASS.

The LD7 has an additional processor for on-board configuration and custom applications separate from the GNSS engine. The rear panel has an extensive suite of interfaces for data output, timing, event marks, and a second antenna port for GNSS Heading in NMEA format with accuracy of 0.03o if baseline is 10m. Integrated wireless options include Bluetooth for easy configuration, plus an optional receiver for reception of RTCM or RTK corrections.

The unit can compute DGPS position solutions using single or multiple reference stations. When subscribed to Veripos PPP corrections the unit is capable of computing position solutions with 10cm accuracy. Positions are computed within the GNSS receiver and are output in NMEA format for use by the user’s equipment.

Providing services with high accuracy, GSP always uses the best signal packages and our professional engineers also use Verify QC software to provide the full range of Veripos GNSS augmentation services to fulfill customers’ requirements.