Jacket and pipeline survey operations at block 01/10 & 02/10

As part of Ruby In-water Survey 2018, Green Star Positioning JSC (GSP) was contracted by Thien Nam Offshore Services (Client) for the provision of navigation and positioning with USBL and navigation software to support the sub-sea positioning of a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for full general visual inspection (GVI) based onboard of the vessel “MV Binh Minh” for surveying:

  • 6” Gas Lift Pipeline from PLEM 7 to RBDP-B (2.393 Km length)
  • 6” Gas Lift Pipeline from PLEM 5 to TPDP-A (15.3 Km length)
  • 10” Production Crude Oil from TPDP-A to PLEM 3 (15.3 Km length)

The M/V Binh Minh Mobilized at Thuong Cang port in Vung Tau, Vietnam, The Mobilization of Thien Nam equipment’s commenced on the 30th September with as list below:

  • DGNSS Veripos LD7 (Primary System)
  • TSS Meridian Surveyor Gyrocompass (Primary System)
  • GPS Veripos Gyro (Secondary System)
  • Teledyne TSS DMS-05 Motion Reference Unit
  • Valeport Mini SVP Sound Velocity Probe
  • QINSy 8.0 2010 Navigation Suite
  • USBL Sonardyne Scout Plus
  • Visual soft DVR and Visual soft Event
  • AutoCAD, AutoChart and Plotter

All ROV mounted sensors were provided by Thien Nam Offshore Services, the ROV contractors for the project.