Geophysical Survey

Geophysical surveys are archaeological methods that use ground-based physical sensing techniques to produce a detailed image or map of an area without invasion or destruction. In the marine survey field, there are several types of geophysical surveys and each has different applications and equipment, for example: Seismic Surveys, Magnetic Surveys, Gravity Surveys…

At GTS, we provide comprehensive geophysical survey services based on equipment including Side Scan Sonar (SSS), Magnetic (MAG) and Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP). With years of successful work experiences, our team confidently strives for the best result in the fastest time to meet customer deadlines.

Our Geophysical Services include:

  • Geophysical survey for Pre/Post-lay Pipeline, Cable… (Include nearshore and offshore)
  • Geophysical survey for Rig site and other subsea structure

Geophysical  survey for Pre- Lay Pipeline

Geophysical  survey for Rig sites